When running an online advertising banner campaign, one of the crucial steps early on is to optimize the campaign to make sure that the dollars being spent on this campaign are being spent efficiently. While this may require a decrease in the spending, this is not always the case. The objective of this article is to show marketing professionals and ad trafficking professionals easy techniques to quickly optimize a campaign for the best results, and thus the most efficient spend of advertising campaign dollars.

The first step is to check to see which ทำป้าย creatives are performing the best. In other words, if there are 3 ads in the campaign, after a week of delivery, which of the three creatives are getting the highest yield? Ad banner yield is a measurement of clicks divided by impressions, so a creative with a high yield is a clear indication that consumers prefer that message the best. At this point, it is an easy decision to remove non-performing or low-performing creatives from rotation, which should bring the overall campaign yield up, as more consumers are exposed to your better-quality and better-performing creatives. While yield may eventually drop slightly, it will still be significantly higher than if you had left those other creatives in play.

The second step is to see what sections of the site or network the buy was on have the highest yield. Many online ad servers can pull this information based on site tagging, so if you are a marketing professional, ask the site to provide these statistics, and if you are an ad trafficker, you should know already how to pull this info from the reporting interface. Ultimately, what you are looking for is what sections or types of content elicit the most response from users in the form of clicks on the ad, raising yield.

My suggestion when doing this step is to drop the information into a spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel or Google’s Spreadsheet program), and filter so that at least 1000 impressions have to be served in order to show up for analysis, as impression amounts fewer than that can be misleading statistically. You want to see clear trends here, and a couple of errant clicks in low-impression areas can give misleading results. Note that if you do reallocate the spend to just the high performing areas, this may end up decreasing the spend, which can hurt overall the overall efforts of the campaign if you had certain exposure or traffic goals. However, there may be ample enough inventory, and regardless, the yield on the campaign will almost certainly go up!

Both of the above are crucial steps if you are going to spend your money or your client’s advertising dollars efficiently. Each campaign is unique, and every site’s audience reacts differently to a campaign and its creative. Additionally, different sections of a site have different user bases, all with unique needs. By making quick optimization fixes, you tailor your campaign and ensure that the money spent on this campaign gets the most results. On the publisher side, while you may lose a little bit of revenue on the front end, you ensure customer satisfaction and increase the chance the customer will return for future buys.


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